Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another Very Special Post on Odd Art!

As part of our ongoing effort to educate the public on the wonder and beauty of the great art masterpieces throughout history, we are proud to present a little-known example of the genius of Caravaggio: Boy Bitten By Lizard, which was painted sometime between 1595 and 1600.
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Very few people can resist the sensuous nature of this allegorical painting, which seethes with eroticism and a highly charged sexuality, as any perfectly competent critic can tell you. The rose, the cherries, the middle finger being bitten-- all are meant to suggest the pain of physical love. Indeed, Caravaggio supposedly painted a series of such paintings. Sadly, however, the rumored existence of Boy Bitten on Ass by Alarming Mosquito and Boy Attacked By Rabid Herd of Mice cannot be verified; these works are feared to be lost forever. It is only by very good fortune that this survived to be viewed by the public today.

Of course, after admiring such an exquisite masterpiece, one only clamors for more! His charming Head of Medusa exudes a glorious sense of the futility of life, of overwhelming desperation, tragedy, and loss.

And thanks to modern technology, you can purchase your very own reproduction to hang in the kitchen or dining room. Don't forget to order one today!


Anonymous wendy boucher said...

As a former art student, I'm glad to read such inspired art history. Keep it up!

2:13 PM  
Blogger L said...

Wendy: I am glad that you appreciate my humble attempts at educating the public :)

11:36 PM  

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