Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Still Swamped....

so here's some random photos from the month.... because I'm lazy like that

The Divine Miss C, me and Maelyn at Kathie's birthday party

Britta, me and Holly at the Independant, just before drunk-dialing random high school friends

me, Bill and Beehive Grrrl at the wig party

Allybrat and Charles at the river house for Memorial Day

my brother Matt (trying to hold me up) and me (trying not to fall asleep)

Lori and Allybrat at the river

Jodi and my mom at the river... it should be noted that, while most people bent on total world domination prefer to wear capes and spiky boots, Jodi prefers a small pink hat

Jeff amuses me

Zoe and Zack

Steve and Dave

NONE of my other photos turned out. ARGH


Blogger awwesomeness said...

Have you heard of these guys - FavoriteWords.com? Exciting website, I must admit!

5:29 AM  

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