Thursday, December 16, 2004

Italian For Beginners Part 2 or From When Make the Talk of the Monkeys?

I was out sick today, so I was very, very BORED.

I wanted to add more to my Italian post from yesterday, but discovered that I had reached the limits of my vocabulary. While I remembered a few additional tidbits, such as vaffunculo (screw you!), they weren't enough to really use for anything. So I located the online professional services of World Lingo to aid me in compiling translations of useful insults for cubicle workers.

The best part was when I tried to translate them BACK to English. Now I know where all those cheesy martial arts subtitles come from -- and I now feel prepared for a lucrative job in the Hong Kong film industry.


Your mama wears combat boots!
Il vostro mama porta i caricamenti del sistema di combattimento!
Yours mama door the loadings of the combat system!

You have a very tiny brain and are not afraid to use it
Avete un cervello molto molto piccolo e non siete impauriti usarlo.
You have a brain a lot much small and you are not frightened to use it.

wanna make something of it, dirt bag?
desideri fare qualcosa di esso, sacchetto della sporcizia?
desires to make something of it, bag of the soil?

Is that your face or did your head explode?
è quella la vostra faccia o la vostra testa ha esploso?
It is that one yours you make or your head has exploded?

since when do monkeys talk?
da quando faccia il colloquio delle scimmie?
from when make the talk of the monkeys?

you are a big crybaby and you kiss a lot of butt
siete un grande gridate il bambino e baciate l'estremità

you are a large one screamed the child and kissed the extremity a lot

please go back to your home planet before I kill you
vada prego di nuovo al vostro pianeta domestico prima che li uccida
it goes I pray before of new to your domestic planet that it kills them


I now want to compose a screenplay composed entirely of World Lingo translations! Desires to make something of it, bag of the soil?


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