Saturday, December 04, 2004

Kick-Ass Art at the Winter Salon

Friday night I went to the Winter Salon at the Matthews gallery and bought a funny little digital print by Cat Thompson; it's titled "The Rules of Engagement, or Always Make Sure Your Ammo Bag Matches Your Hair"; for some reason, it seems vaguely manga-like, and depicts a large toy doll with candy-pink hair, a candy-pink ammunition bag, camouflage fatigues, and a big fat gun. It's kick-ass, and it's also an artist's proof -- so I have the only one! bwah-ha-ha ha ha!!!

I told my friends they can come and visit it whenever they want.

Other cool artists at the Salon: Jack Barrett, David Williams, Michael Peters, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Brandon Dunlap, Thomas Murray, etc. Ate cheeses and drank a little wine with Kathie, who gets tipsy much faster than anyone else I know. Saw my friend Maelyn, who has the most charming eyelashes you will ever see, and Josh, who films crazy skateboarding movies; also talked to Frank Strunk, who's a very interesting artist (mainly metalwork)-- I may have to take him up on his offer to watch ATTACK OF THE KILLER LEECHES!!!!

Afterwords went out with Maelyn and Keith to a fun little Mexican place, something called Viva La Gusta!, or Mi Gusta La Viva!, or Gusta Gusta Viva! Something like that. We enjoyed their very yummy guacamole, and Keith told us all about his autistic neighbor, Buck. Buck is apparently so weird that he exudes a sort of alien hipness; he is obsessed with Royalty, holds mock coronations at his house, and occasionally hires limos to drive him around town (in his purple cape and glittering crown). When he's on a budget, he apparently hires a taxi.

I am completely unsurprised to hear about Buck. Buck is completely normal for Florida, and fits right in with other locals I've seen previously: Peter Pan (a very nice guy who dresses like Peter Pan every day, even for work); Oliver, the ambiguously French(?) guy who goes around wearing clown pants, clown shoes, and spangled wigs; Spook, a girl who wears a corset 23 hours a day and is trying to capture the world's smallest waist title (she looks like a wasp); Cynthia, the attractive ex-guy who runs the Castle; Sterling, the flaming social commentator who vaguely resembles Mephistopheles with a high-pitched voice; and too many others to list on this page.

There's just something about Florida, especially places like Key West and Tampa, that seems to attract a colorful crowd...


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