Monday, December 06, 2004

My Very Own Evil Lair

Last night I went over to help make yummy apple pie and watch Spiderman 2 at Cynthia's house...

Having seen this movie about four times, I have concluded that Dr. Octopus is a very lame Evil Villain. His not-so-secret Evil lair was falling apart, he was completely out of shape, and he had absolutely NO evil henchmen. No flying troops of winged monkeys, no psychotic dwarves, not even a subservient hunchback. Nothing. If he had at least designed a better lair, he might have succeeded in blowing up the city...

I actually think that I need a secret Evil lair myself. I would call it the "The Big Spiky Fortress of Doom", and it would be full of trapdoors and tunnels that lead to secret laboratories with all sorts of interesting chemicals and things. I would wear a long black cape and shiny black boots with little gold lightning bolts drawn on them... maybe a little mask with devil horns would be a good idea too.

I'm not yet sure about my Evil Plan for taking over the world yet. I suppose I need to flesh that out a bit. But the henchmen are NO problem -- all I have to do is drive over to Ybor city and pick up a few crack-heads.


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