Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Debris and Other Natural Disasters

I am back online after coughing and wheezing through the holiday. As it turns out, Santa was rather good to me, despite the fact that I am sometimes Naughty.

Our Jewish friends, Lori and Scott, celebrated with our family and our cats; I suppose they decided What The Hell Let's Go Whole Hog, because they also brought a lovely ham (marinated in Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola). I, of course, baked three amazingly delicious apple pies that people will discuss for years to come.

Lori and Scott also brought their rug rats, Jody (18 months) and Alex a.k.a Batman a.k.a Peter Pan (3 1/2 years) to wreak mild havoc and entertain us all. As my siblings and I show no signs of popping out babies anytime soon, Jody and Alex also have the added bonus of functioning as the emergency backup grandchildren. Unlike many of my friends, I recieve no pained sighs, hand-wringing or queries as to Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend And Do You Think You Shall Ever Marry? Thanks guys!

Unfortunately, the house now resembles the aftermath of a small cyclone, with shredded paper and bows littering the floor. We may have produced more trash than a year's supply of Cosmo.

The next plan of action is to decide what to do for New Year's. I am trying to decide whether to attend an Unusual Hat party in St. Petersburg or the Covivant art gallery party in Tampa (or both if I speed a bit, I suppose).

However, it is difficult to think of celebrating when so many people have lost their lives in the tsunami disaster this week; many of us have been glued to the television and horrified to see photos of children sleeping in the street-- only to realize they aren't sleeping, they've drowned. I am a bleeding heart crybaby, so I am donating $$ to the Red Cross online site here. I hope others do the same...


Blogger theomorph said...

Yeah, the earthquake/tsumani tragedy is astonishing. They're saying the death toll might be something like 100,000 now. Always the cynic, though, it also astonishes me when everybody is suddenly willing to redistribute wealth to help out after a disaster, but if we were to discuss a similar redistribution in a state of normalcy, people would cry foul in an instant.

Also, I totally getcha on that sigh of relief after no holiday love-life/reproductive interrogations. :-) Been there, done that.

8:52 PM  
Blogger L said...

Yes, I think they have given up in despair :)

10:57 PM  
Blogger the frog princess said...

my holiday was filled with crys of "you're next!" because the other my-age couple in the family got engaged on the 23rd. guess so, unless the 12-year-old beats us to it!

11:26 PM  

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