Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Operation "Fly-to-Connecticut-and-throw-surprise-party-for-younger-brother" was a resounding success, and my fellow undercover agents are satisfied with a job well done.

Not only did we drink all sorts of dangerous concoctions and burn ourselves at the beach, but we also ate yummy lobster rolls, saw naked speeding bikers, historical bayonet-pistols, woodchucks, very large rocks, perplexing eyewear, an emergency backup brother named Grover, inebriated engineers and a small terrier with a slight case of nerves.

I also met my brother's girlfriend, who is a charming pageant winner with a sparkly crown and a Phd in fashionable pouting-- Sheila! You must teach me how to do that! -- and who inadvertantly provided the best quote of the weekend:

(scene: we have all just finished shoveling an absolutely enormous buffet into our faces, and are groaning as we succumb to food comas)
Jason: "ugh"
Me: "I'm never eating again"
Sheila: "I think we should all shit here for a few minutes"
Me: "Ha ha ha! Did you mean to say something else? I think you meant to say something else."
Jason: "Heh heh. Well, that would work..."
Sheila: "SIT!!! I meant to say SIT!!! I think we should all SIT here for a few minutes!!!!"
Everyone else: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Sheila was great, and taught me that yes, girls in beauty pageants do put vaseline on their teeth! But only sometimes.


There has been loose talk of other possible family outings....

My mother suggested a cruise, of course --

But I may give it a pass....

I will post weekend photos sometime soon.


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