Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Don't Forget! Only 306 Shopping Days Left Until Christmas!

It's amazing how quickly time has flown by-- we've just entered the Christmas shopping season, and there are only 306 days left!

Many shoppers fret over the perfect Christmas gift, especially for those relatives and friends who already "have everything". They fruitlessly browse through high-end retail websites, spend hours at the mall, or even waste valuable time debating choices in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. And, while a case of beluga, a $20,000 custom suit of armor or a $125,000 Maserati Quattroporte will satisfy some people, there's only one gift that's truly luxurious and valuable enough to give to the most discerning individuals:

Yes, gasoline-- the King of luxury goods!

Back in the good old days, when I trudged to school in the blinding snow wearing nothing but flip flops and rags (uphill both ways), gasoline was barely 90 cents a gallon! But those days are long gone, and the price of gas now ensures it a high rank among high-priced goods.

So splurge a little! Buy your loved ones a little gasoline! They'll thank you at Christmas.


A little spot of humor for those stressing out over getting ready for the holiday (pay very close attention to the car as it passes the tree and make sure to turn up the sound or you might not hear it properly)


Anonymous Professor Twain said...

I love the smell of gasoline in the morning... it smells like... commuting.

You are very naughty for posting that link. I read this at 1:20 AM while trying to get myself ready to sleep. Vengeance will be mine.

Oh, and have you seen the following site (I came across it while trying to find your blog):


Very impressive.

1:24 AM  
Blogger roselle said...

oh i hate you very much at this moment!!! i screamed so loud, i think the neighbours think i'm into some weird kinky stuff...well, that's another story altogether!
*heart racing*

PS, i'm stealing the link!

11:18 AM  
Blogger L said...

My Dear Professor: (evil chuckle) glad you enjoyed my little post :)

and yes, that fantasy blog share thing is very odd, but interesting. I can't play it though-- I spend far too much time online as it is!

atractiva: tee hee! Sorry you screamed so loud though :o

11:12 PM  
Blogger amalh said...

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10:25 AM  
Blogger L said...

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12:26 PM  

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