Saturday, February 11, 2006

Congratulations Are In Order

My leggy friend Jeanna just successfully managed to expel an actual human being from her body!

This has caused me to begin brushing up on my conversation skills, as I hardly ever talk about boobs, poop and screaming (except when I do, of course)-- and those will be major topics of conversation in that household now.

To-morrow I shall be toddling on over to take a peek at the young whippersnapper, who goes by the stylish name of 'Amanda'. Rather unfortunately, Amanda seems to be a very slow learner, as she still does not realize that 2 a.m. is an absolutely ungodly hour, during which all normal people are sleeping. However, she has learned to recognize her parents, which will come in handy for when she goes outside and gets lost.

There is no word yet on whether she likes Chinese food or Scrabble, but it's certain she will inherit very long legs and a certain amount of math skills.

And there's no telling what she'll be when she grows up: scientist? artist? monkey trainer? blogger?


Blogger glomgold said...

Please let us know when the baby's brain capacity finally surpasses that of a parrot. I hear it takes about 5 years or so. After that, I'm sure she'll be scrabbling or boggling away!

7:47 PM  
Blogger L said...

Glomgold: hopefully I will still be blogging then :)

btw, your new photo is way cool. You look like you're about to rip someone's arm off. heh heh

11:37 PM  

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