Saturday, February 18, 2006

random crap that no one will probably bother to read

Well, this has certainly been a busy weekend!

To-day I had a Fabulous Haircut from the Beehives salon in St. Petersburg; I highly recommend them for their wonderfully chatty and catty conversation. Of course, they give wonderful haircuts as well.

Just LOOK at the effect my new coiffure has!

Last night, my friend Maelyn and I slithered on over to the New World Brewery where I saw my favorite lesbian, enormous ear holes, an adorable German named Liesal, and the Roller Derby Girls (complete with cute tattoos, striped knee socks, mini skirts and roller skates). I also met a professional magician, who asked me "Am I cheesy?", then showered us with many card tricks as well as his guess-a-number skills at the bar. Discussion ranged from evolution and extra-terrestrials to Catholic school, fish tacos, and bitter comedians.

Midnight found us a bit tired, so we rather unfortunately missed what was supposed to be a rather good "Drag King" show at Flirt. Oh well.

Also accidentally missed horseback riding today by popping on over to the local Farmer's Market, but am off to a Rockabilly shindig to-night.


Blogger roselle said...

i was IN a drag king show once! it was fun! i think i may reprise my role this year!!!
have a rocking good time tonight!

9:17 PM  
Blogger L said...

atractiva: very cool-- it does sound like a lot of fun, although not as campy as a drag queen show :)

11:23 PM  

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