Sunday, February 19, 2006

More random crap! But at least I'm consistent

Yes, WMNF's third annual Rockabilly Ruckus at Skipper's Smokehouse was rockin' and smokin'.

It was also heavily tattooed with slicked-back hair, and it drank a lot of beer while trying to pick up girls.

I heart rockabilly, so I have to say that I danced quite a bit, shaking my booty in an alarming manner all over the place-- despite the venue's lack of a suitable dance floor (which meant no dips or tosses). The sound was a bit more mellow than expected, but I really enjoyed Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Boys and Kim Lenz & the Two-Timin' Band.

There were a few sweet classic cars in the parking lot, as well as a very large number of people who seemed to be auto mechanics named Joe. We saw quite a few local scenesters, including Taylor(!) who used to run the old Sugar Palm, as well as a few of the dancers who used to go there. I also ran into a local filmmaker, a fellow pinup collector and an artist or two.

Of course, the alcohol flowed freely, which leads us to the next topic of discussion, which is a Public Service Announcement:

As is clearly shown by this scientific diagram, families who do not allow alcohol will typically be only 18% degenerate, with a whopping 82% of the family members being normal. In addition, approximately only 2 people will suffer from the effects of St. Vitus Dance, and only 2 will be badly deformed.

However, those who drink will only ever be 17.5% normal, which is indeed a tragedy. The idiocy, the epilepsy, the St. Vitus Dance and deformity are all high risks of intemperance, I'm afraid to say.

I hope that people take this to heart, for it certainly explains a lot.


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