Saturday, September 17, 2005

Glamorous-Girl-Around-Town Reporting:

This Glamorous-Girl-Around-Town is certainly exhausted after trotting all around town this week. It's terribly difficult work being charming and vivacious, but someone certainly has to do it.

On Thursday the Frog Princess, her boyfriend and I went out for yummy tidbits downtown before oozing on over to the Bank for their weekly SMAsh lineup of local bands. Met my adorable friend Maelyn there, as her boyfriend's band, the Unrequited Loves, was playing. An oddly lyricless band called Auto!Automatic!! also played, but attendance was terribly light.... perhaps the Bank will build up more of a crowd as time goes on.

Future lineups include Rebekah Pulley, Four Star Riot, The Diviners, Car Bomb Driver, and The Nuevos.

Last night I popped on over to my friend Cat's thesis show at Experimental Skeleton's Flight 19 Gallery in downtown Tampa: My Bright and Shiny Apocalypse. I quite enjoyed the show, which could have also been titled Barbie's Cuban Missile Crisis Dreamhouse. It was very nostalgic and cute and paranoid at the same time. Saw many artsy-fartsy friends. Ate many, many cheese bits. Flirted with a terribly attractive and bookish young man. Drank a teensy bit of wine and discussed odd movies with Ann and Kym while playing with odd toys left mysteriously on the snack table.


At the end of the month, a group of us will be going to New York City for some art openings for Brandt and Kathie. There should be hordes of drunken artists, as well as people I haven't seen in a while because they've moved away and are now dating Republican lesbian golfers, of all things.

The question for today is: Should I hire my own entourage? It really seems to be a necessity when travelling to places like Los Angeles or New York. I plan on bringing a bunch of tiny little flapper outfits, exciting stockings and charming little hats. And perhaps a very large pair of dark sunglasses to shield myself from the papparazzi.

I wouldn't be surprised if I take the city by storm, cutting a swath through crowds of admiring celebrities, as well as inspiring hyperactive tabloid headlines:

L Named Best Fashion Winnner of 2005!!

Can L Be Any More Glamorous?!!

L In Secret Love Tryst with Jake Gyllenhaal!!!

L: the Early Years!

What is the Secret to L's Beauty?!

Of course, as nearly everyone can tell you, the secret to my beauty is Charm-Glo.

Charm-Glo Bust Cream.

Because, really, "the girls" need all the help they can get.


Anonymous tickgirl said...

Pick me! Pick me! I'll be part of your entourage. I want to go back to NYC, but would I have to wear a flapper outfit?

10:37 PM  
Anonymous jpr said...

Let me know when you are going to be in NY. If I am around I might drive over.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Weary Hag said...

You won't need the Charm-Glo, L. I have a feeling you'll take my hometown by the balls. You'll fit right in.
While you're there, would ya eat a zeppoli and a canoli for me?
You can diet when you return to the Sunshine State.

Thanking you in advance.


10:38 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Lucky you to be going to NY. I've only been once, for two days, but it was endlessly fun.

"Beauty product" or not, Bust Cream sounds kinda dirty.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous rhodent said...

Well, I would love to be part of your entourage, but I am just too old to be part of your glamorous gathering. Do take lots of pictures! Don't forget to call Jason!

10:38 PM  
Anonymous comfort addict said...

So that's why Jake had that languorous look in his eyes in Toronto.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous moos said...

I'm sure that you will have a blast in my old hometown, too. No need to hire an entourage - I'm sure that you're an "entourage magnet", lady.

Even without the Charm-Glo.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous mariana said...

Is there any money involved in being part of this entourage thing? Because if so count me IN! :D

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Vile File said...

NY! What fun!

An entourage is definitely required to fend off all those ardent suitors, you know.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous -c said...

Enjoy NY, and may you enjoy many more teensy bits of wine and cheese, and flirt with many an attractive and bookish man!

10:39 PM  
Blogger L said...

tickgirl: flapper outfits are optional... are you really interested in going? give me a call! (I can check with the artists who are taking me)

jpr: September 29th through October 2nd -- you should definitely swing by if you are going to be in the neighborhood! Just let me know ahead of time... Brandt and Kathie should have a bunch of new stuff up

Weary Hag: I shall do my best to eat tons of tasty food for you

Lisa: It should definitely be fun... and the bust cream ad was just way too funny -- saw it on the back of a really old pinup magazine

Rhodent: I will make sure to take plenty of photos

Comfort Addict: I am quite the catch, you know

moos: heh heh heh

Mariana: no money involved, I'm afraid

Ms. Vile: ooh, on second thought... maybe I don't want an entourage

-c: why, thank you-- hopefully I shall do just that

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Miss Congeniality said...

Where can one procure some of this "bust cream"????

10:39 PM  
Blogger L said...

Miss Congeniality: back in the 1950s I think :)

10:39 PM  
Anonymous glomgold said...

I'm sure that Charm-Glo works, that's why it's available in every major pharmacy and supermarket right next to spray-on hair for balding men!

I dig your friends art from the little I saw so far on their sites. Must peruse further at a later date.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous glomgold said...

NYC. bah.

10:40 PM  

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