Saturday, August 06, 2005

Greetings From The Seaside

Ah... A lovely day today: 98 degrees with 54% humidity! We are loving life here in sunny St. Petersburg!

I just hope we don't shrivel up and die.

After I spent the morning sweating quite fashionably downtown, the Frog Princess and her brother, Ian, picked me up for a little light book shopping at Wilson's. Luckily, I only brought $40, so I didn't misbehave too badly.
1. Witches and Neighbors: The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft (Robin Briggs)
2. The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)
3. Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (Stephen Crane)
4. The Great Shark Hunt: Gonzo Papers, volume 1 (Hunter S. Thompson)
5. Speaker For the Dead (Orson Scott Card)

This means that I shall have to get busy, as I am still in the middle of reading Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (Charles MacKay, LL.D.) and The Art of War (Sun Tzu)


I've been meaning to get a membership at the local pool, but they are closed until the end of the month. So I walked on over to the local beach, where no one actually swims, for god's sake, due to possibly toxic chemicals floating in the water.

Of course, it is quite lovely, and I spent some time admiring the picturesque smokestacks gloriously belching smoke in the distance and the bright sheen of melting plastic as the sun glinted playfully on discarded bottles. No words can express the beauty of the scene, the sizzling asphalt, and the lovingly oiled cellulite squeezed into teensy-tiny hot pink thong bikinis.

Ah, yes... summertime in Florida.


Anonymous P said...

I too was passed over by the bad writing contest awards...

With one more roll of the dice, Jed's family farm was no longer his, an ending to the day that was just so wrong, even the dice could feel it, like a man who feels like a woman trapped in a man's body, only the dice felt like a seven trapped in an eight's body, and there was no hormone therapy or creepy surgeon who could fix it; there was not even cross-dressing as an option, at least not for the dice.

8:46 PM  
Blogger L said...

p: wow! you are way, way, way better than I am at that sort of thing! My hat is off to you

8:46 PM  
Anonymous happy and blue said...

Ha. It's only 78F here. And our water is clean since this city is too crappy to have industries with smoke stacks. Nothing but clear water with the odd cow or horse floating by. Such bliss. Well except for the cows and horses I guess.
There aren't any women with thong bikinis though so I guess you win.
I've started reading a book to. It's about my city and it's got a whole lot of people and their phone numbers and addresses in it. I'm on page 23 right now. So many characters to remember. I hope the story starts soon. I just got it at the phone company and already half the pages have yellowed. Oh well, at least it was free..

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Larry Jones said...

Your book sluttiness is legendary. Have you heard about public libraries? Lots to read, and they will store them for you, so you don't have to pack them up when you move.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous comfort addict said...

Have you read the rest of the Ender saga (of which Speaker for the Dead is a part)? My wife, a huge Orson Scott Card fan, convinced me to read this a few years ago. I was suprised at how much I liked it; I grew up reading science fiction but became disenchanted with it years ago. I'll be interested to know how you like the book.

8:47 PM  
Blogger L said...

Happy&Blue: heh heh. you win.

Larry: but, the books are LONELY there. They miss me.

Comfort Addict: I've only read the first one so far (Ender's Game), but I did enjoy it. Usually I'm not fond of science fiction (unless it's Dune or an Asimov book), because most are poorly written. Orson Scott Card isn't the best writer, but Ender's Game was a good story; I'm hoping that Speak For the Dead is the same.

8:47 PM  

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