Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We Go Gayly Forward, But Not Quite Straight Ahead...

After playing oodles of air hockey and violent video games with a bunch of guys I know, I decided to toddle on over to the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian summer film series at the Paladium theatre.

I was très fashionable and went with my friends, Bill and Debbie, who are nicknamed "Will" and "Grace". When they informed me of this, I was quite perturbed, as it means that the only related television character I get to be is the boozy, shrill, pill-popping Karen. I suppose that means I shall have to run out and and get prescriptions for Percoset and Oxycontin, which is really such a bother.

As I was one of the only people there without A.) a Y chromosome or B.) a mullet, I felt an overwhelming urge to sprinkle my conversations with "absolutely fabulous!", "darling!" and "that bitch!". However, the theatre has a hallway labeled "The Queen's Promenade", so I sipped a little wine, promenaded a bit and immediately felt better.

The films were Starcrossed and Harry and Max, both of which were decently controversial, but depressing.

The refreshments were mainly meat, cheese and fruit. But the food was refreshing too, of course.


Anonymous kosh nanarek said...

Karen is my idol. I went as her one Halloween. Oddly enough, it was to a showing of Rocky Horror, and no one recognized me. I guess they thought it wasn't a character.

11:38 AM  
Blogger L said...

oh, she's definitely a character. I could never be believable in a Karen costume -- I'm too much of a goody-goody, I'm afraid

11:38 AM  
Anonymous weary hag said...

You know, it's a funny thing about Karen. I actually miss her. How the hell can a person come to "miss" a television character? In any case, I do believe amidst all of the meat, cheese and fruit at the place, you had been issued the starring role as Karen.

[precious last paragraph, by the way, just precious ~ I'll bet there were some leftovers at the end of the night too]

11:38 AM  
Anonymous mark said...

You constantly amaze me with your social life. My life takes a rather disturbing twist daily, but never in a fashionable way that would include dining on meat, cheese, and fruit. Sigh.

11:39 AM  
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