Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hot Saturday At The Ladies Room, Girl In A Coma, Art, Cheese, Booze

I was languishing in complete and utter despair after having missed the 100 Smacks art show at Covivant gallery Friday night; I could have bought a very nice painting I'd previously admired.

However, all was not lost as I managed to wander on over to the Ladies Room art show at the Vitale Gallery in St. Petersburg last night. It was hot hot hot hot hot, absolutely sweltering despite the tiny fans in the airplane hangar they call home. The show was for female artists only, but a few who don't actually own vaginas were also seen roaming the premises: Bask, Brandon Dunlap, and Brandt Peters. Although the art was a real mix of good and slightly awful, some of my favorite local female artists were showing: Cat Thompson, Lynn Whipple, Britzel Vasquez, and Kathie Olivas

The crowd was really almost too fashionably trendy for its own good, but I saw some very impressive ensembles-- from a two and half foot high goth hairdo (with wicked boots) to several girls who appeared to be doing a mild anime cos-play. As there was an accompanying artistic fashion show, there were also a number of people wandering around with tiny thongs, latex, fig leaves and very non-sensible shoes. Actually, everyone wears non-sensible shoes and clothing to these things-- it's some sort of local regulation.

It was so incredibly hot that some of us split early to go eat yummy tidbits at Cafe Alma with an interesting band called Girl In A Coma, who are very adorable in a Smiths-y sort of way; I wanted to adopt them all, take them home and bake them chocolate chip cookies. Nina (vocals/guitar), Jenn (Bass) and Phanie (Drums) were quite charming and we earnestly discussed how San Antonio is really much cooler than Tampa.

The food was delicious cheese and berryish fruits with rather a lot of wine. General discussion ranged from art, blogs, sex and samurai movies to art-y gossip and how everyone is moving to New York or L.A.

I toddled on home sometime before 1 am I think, and I've managed to be a total sloth all day. Yeah!


Anonymous weary hag said...

Nothing wrong with a little artsy slothism every now and again. Sounds like you had a great time. Damn ... you always make even the simplest of foods sound so tantalizing. Ever think of being a restaurant critic? The pay isn't bad and you get to wine and dine yourself silly!

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Larry Jones said...

San Antonio is not cooler than Tampa. It can't even claim to be hipper than Tampa, because you're in Tampa. Still, Girl in a Coma is a pretty cool name.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous green-eyed lady said...

Ahhhh, I could use a time like that and I even have a vagina. (I'm still laughing about your line "but a few who don't actually own vaginas....")-
Band name is gr8! Enjoy your different perspective here so much.

10:40 PM  
Blogger L said...

Weary Hag: I would love to be a restaurant critic, but I wouldn't be as good as my uncle.

Larry: yeah, I love the name of their band -- they were so cute

Green eyed Lady: thanks!

everyone else: wow, this was a REALLY popular post-- I can tell. people were struck silent in awe, I know :)

10:41 PM  

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