Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Brain That Wouldn't Die and Other Things

Someone emailed me and requested a "follow-up" list of B movies. Previously I posted a short list of some campy or strangely cool Asian movies I like (only a subset of all the awesome ones I COULD have posted).

The ones below are more along the lines of "they're SO bad they're good" B movies.

1. The Brain That Wouldn't Die
This 1950s flick has a young doctor who re-animates the severed head of his fiance and looks for fresh bodies... I especially love the mid-movie stripper catfight and the weird laboratory monster that communicates with the amusingly evil head. It's so much more than just a Mystery Science Theatre episode.

2. Robot Monster
This dreadfully stinky and wonderfully amusing 1950s science fiction flick has a horny space monster (in gorilla suit and sea-diving helmet) that invades Earth with a death ray, a chest of drawers that functions as a communicator, a box that blows soap bubbles, and some random alligators that are apparently supposed to pass as dinosaurs. Awesome!!!

3. Disco Dancer
This 1970s Bollywood disco extravaganza oozes great big sticky gobs of cheesy melodrama that has to be seen to be believed. Wonderfully BAD acting, psychotic editing, indescribable dancing,startling costumes and TERRIBLE fight scenes. Note: Epileptics should probably avoid

4. Meet The Feebles
A muppet show on crack.... puppets do drugs, smoke, drink, fornicate and kill each other. Disturbingly funny

6. The Curious Dr. Humpp
a classic released by Something Weird Video-- hippies, lesbians, strippers, cheesy monsters, a telepathic sex machine and a talking/spontaneously combusting brain

7. Disco Godfather
While it isn't as hysterically funny as Disco Dancer, this funky flick can definitely deliver the laughs at any disco party... rollerskaters in hot pants, horrible acting, hilarious PCP freakouts, spangled jumpsuits, a groovy soundrack & beautiful 70s decor

8. Dead Alive
Ridiculously unbelievable and completely over-the-top zombie gorefest that rates as a comedy

9. Spider Baby
A weird 1960s flick starring Lon Chaney Jr. as the chauffeur to a childishly bloodthirsty family living in a dilapidated mansion.

10. Destroy All Monsters
This 1960s Japanese flick has an evil band of women from the Moon who try to conquer Earth -- but first they must duke it out with Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and the other monsters who keep stomping Tokyo.


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