Tuesday, May 08, 2007

random activities

I'm really far too lazy to post anything of general interest today. Not that I post anything of general interest on any other day, but there you have it. You'll just have to suck it up, I'm afraid. I'll post something charming to-morrow.

Besides freaking out completely over buying a house, the weekend also saw me attending some lovely parties, getting flung every which way during some manic swing dancing, toddling on over to the beach, buying naughty novelty gifts, eating noodles and pie, drinking beer with frisbee hooligans, discussing politics with other geeks,

and trying very very very very hard not to obnoxiously hit on someone (who is definitely disinterested but also a bit friendly after an inordinate amount of tequila). I succeeded, so apparently I have super powers I didn't know existed. heh.

That is all.

Soon we will be back to our regularly unscheduled and random drivel, which will resume its appeal to the lowest common denominator.

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