Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fashionable AND Fit!

Yes, yes, yes.... I've been completely irresponsible about blogging lately, due to a number of activities both Fun and Fashionable.

For example, I've begun working out at the gym again!

It's spring, so I need to start whipping my boo-tay back into shape, otherwise it will no longer be able to produce all those new and exciting statistics for blog posts.

Also, I've been dining out at eccentric pizza parlors where I never actually get to eat pizza, wandering around aimlessly at lovely photography exhibitions, accidentally attending bratwurst & beer bonfire parties, watching tasteful political documentaries, inadvertantly joining sporting teams, and talking utter nonsense with my friend Bill at the Independent.

Incidentally, this week I also attended a play (the Servant of Two Masters) performed by the local community theatre group called Acorn Theatre. Although I was slightly disappointed in the performance (I had been explicitly informed that the play would contain nudity, when, in fact, it did not!), there were some fun and amusing bits, not only during the play, but also when I accidentally went out for late night bites with a friend and some cast members afterwards.

off to the gym!

a real blog post later


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