Thursday, March 09, 2006

No woman should be treated like a sex object... We have blow-up dolls for that!

Some people may be surprised that Mexico is pulling out all the stops in its campaign against the sexual harassment of blowup dolls.

But, really, this is a campaign whose time has come!


In a well-funded and organized crusade for justice, the Mexican government has created a heartwarming television ad campaign to remind us just how tough these dolls really have it. The ads, which thoughtfully coincided with International Women's Day, depict blowup dolls dressed as secretaries and maids, which are then groped and obscenely ogled by male colleagues.

"Our society still has a long way to go in overcoming hangovers from the past, eradicating prejudice and changing habits," stated Mexican President Vicente Fox. "We need to remind the public that blowup dolls are not sex objects!. No blowup dolls should be treated as being anything less than human," he added, "and men need to remember that inappropriate treatment is completely unacceptable! After all, those little mouths get really worn out!"

The launch of the campaign, which also includes enormous billboards of blowup dolls and radio ads describing blowup dolls, has already had an enormous effect all over the country. Man after man has tearfully promised to take better care when inflating, to be more thoughtful when deflating, and to put their toys away more carefully when they've finished. The drive towards better public awareness has resulted in noticeably less wear and tear as men realize that synthetic polymers are not indestructible and may have feelings too.

Sooner or later, the Mexican government also plans a televised campaign against the sexual harassment of women, at least once they have a budget to do so. "While there is a real problem with the harassment of blowup dolls, they're not the only ones," stated President Fox. "Mexican women, even though they're really just washing machines with legs, they are sexy too!"


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