Saturday, April 09, 2005

Actual Searches That Have Brought People Here (Part 3)

do french fries contain embalming fluid?
lizard people and george bush
brad pitt's farts
castration guillotine
Phobia for easter grass
sea cucumbers weird facts
cockroaches prison san quentin
Mikhail Gorbachev shape shifting reptile
catfight gallery
charming wasp waist female corset
female midget art
salivary gland
effervescent nerd
giant rubber clown dummies
las vegas stripper in frog costume
pony domestico fetish
scared to see pulmonary doctor
"Wayne Newton" lederhosen, photo
mariah carey's mole
dirty italian phrases
"man breasts"


Anonymous april said...

yours are funnier than mine. If I get one more "mexican lust" one though I'm going to hunt down the IP address

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Ron said...

I don't think I get all that. I get "nude family". After that, everybody is just searching for a certain colorful bird photo or Bettie Page, the pinup girl. These are not even photos like that present on my blog, just links to those sites, and I don't understand how Google or anyone else is stupid enough to list me instead of the link where the photo originates. Some elements of the Internet are just dogshit stupid.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous jpr said...

Working on Saturday sucks

9:50 PM  
Anonymous llcoffee said...

The thing is, I couldn't quite work out why my search for sea cucumber weird facts brought me to your site...

One of life's little mysteries I guess.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous THL said...

Many of those things are very scary...but I think "Wayne Newton lederhosen photo" is the scariest. Second place goes to giant rubber clown dummies (I hate clowns) or female midget art (midgets make me feel uncomfortable.)

9:51 PM  
Blogger L said...

I really do get some very scary searches here. Perhaps I should start blogging about interior design or scrapbooking or something...

9:51 PM  
Blogger L said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous m said...

I totally need site statistics that keeps track of that stuff. hook me up

9:52 PM  

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