Monday, September 17, 2007

Odd Art: a review

In the words of noted art historian, William Bradford Tuppington:

"This boldly exceptional and vivid masterpiece from the late 16th century is entitled
Gabrielle d'Estrées and one of her Sisters; it was painted by am unknown master of the second school of Fontainebleau (which was named after a commune) and heavily influenced by the Italian artist Parmigianino (who was named after a cheese).

If one closely examines this multi-layered and exquisitely modeled composition, it can be seen that the carefully posed figure of Gabrielle d'Estrees (the mistress of Henry IV) is standing in a bathtub while being naked. Her sister, who is quite the saucy young vixen, is depicted as pinching her nipple while being naked and raising one eyebrow while having breasts. These naked women firmly place this work within the "boobie" genre of art comprising some 90.02 % of all Rennaissance, Neoclassic, Romantic, Modern and Contemporary art, as well as the majority of work in the Louvre, the Guggenheim, the Met, the National Gallery, the Rijksmuseum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, the Frick, and the Museo Nacional.

The two very naughty young ladies are framed by a rich red velvet curtain, which helps to highlight the domesticity of the frolicking and romping along with their boobies. Blah blah blah contested models of sexuality blah blah OMG! BOOOBIES!!1! Ssomething something and their frank gazes something boobies something expressions of female intimacy blah blah blah. Some historians interpret the boobies something something boobies! something blah blah boobies blah blah boobies!! booooobies!!!!!!!

* my favorite headlines this week *

"Nebraska state senator sues God" (it's about time)
"Crocs, kids and escalators a bad combination?" (what about sharks, babies and monster trucks???)
"Russia blasts gerbils into space" (it gets lonely in space)
"Jack Hanna, flamingo trapped in airport turnstile" (I have nothing to say about this)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


If my remaining .018 readers would like to know why I haven't posted lately, I would like state that I've been off powdering my nose, as well as acquiring all sorts of new and exotic maladies with which to patriotically line the pockets of my health insurance plan.

In addition, I have decided to take up smoking, in order to languish more glamorously while lying about and swallowing pills and things. After all, four out of five doctors from the 1950s agree that cigarettes have numerous and well-documented health benefits as a result of lower tar and nicotine. Without sacrificing any of that great taste! Each pack o'pleasure increases your enjoyment, your rosy-cheeked feminine sparkle, and your lack of ironic self-awareness by a whopping 120 percent!


Monday, September 03, 2007

yes, there's more

Krishen's complete papparazzi collection of work-safe photos and video may be found here

-- and here are a few more pics!


Celebrity Watch 2007 - another batch!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Celebrity Watch 2007 - Even More Photos


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Celebrity Watch 2007 - Photos


Celebrity Watch 2007 - More Photos!