Monday, May 01, 2006


I'm afraid the weekend was a bit much for my delicate young sensibilities, as I am all Partied Out.

Attended a lovely, geekish, belated birthday, congratulations on your thesis, farewell and good luck BBQ party for my brother Matt. Engineering students milled around aimlessly, delicious food was eaten, very bad jokes were told, and random antennas were pulled from pockets to be shown off. Conversation ranged from B movies and discrete math to shortwave radio, blackbottom pecan pie, puppies, my other brother (AWOL) and Hartford. Made a couple of new acquaintances, including a hyperactive carrot-cake enthusiast and a charming young man named after a Muppet.

Also attended a wig party, which was terribly amusing. I wore a Pocahontas wig, and my friend Bill wore dreadlocks and a bandaid. The scenery ranged from red beehives, pirate costumes and afros to mullets, mops, pillow shreds, Rapunzel tresses and wigs worn on shoulders. A few people fell over, but there was no harm done, really.

But I'm still a bit tired.

Conversational Snippets

"I wanted to bring one of my swords to the last party, but John freaked out. But really, how irresponsible does he think I am that I can't handle my own weapons?"

"You know, that fake armpit hair you're sporting is really gross, but I like the flower pot you're wearing."

"OMYGAWD! I know you! I remember meeting you: you're that professional magician we met at the New World Brewery, and you showered us with many card tricks, and you do film editing!"
"Um, no."

"I can't believe I have to go to Belgium tomorrow."
"Oh, the Belgians-- they're mad about comic books, aren't they?"
"Well, that doesn't do me any good. Anyway, I think I'm going to wear my shorts."
"You're wearing shorts to Belgium?"

"What's your favorite word? My favorite word today is 'awful'. I just love the way Bill says it: 'AWful'. It's so flamboyant. "
"I think my favorite word is 'vagina'."

"You're really bald, aren't you? It's sort of shocking."


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