Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gee Whiz!

The weather is beautiful! Wish you were here!

Yes, it sure is great to be here in sunny Florida, and we've been rockin' like it's 1965! Believe it or not, with all the fun parties this week we've barely had time to look perky, listen to keen music and look at boys!

In other news, it's quite obvious that spring is officially underway in the Land of Sunshine: old geezers are bashing the heck out of each other, public employees are frolicking on Howard Stern, people are driving with agitated snakes, construction workers are playing with live grenades, and pit bulls are on the rampage. However, we won't bother to discuss the fact that the alligators have become more polite this year, as it appears to be old news.

In another item of interest, scientists have discovered a possible link between the loss of an ovary and increased risk of dementia. And the obvious question is: if losing an ovary can increase the risk of dementia, what does that say about those who lack them in the first place?

I'm just asking.


Blogger roselle said...

i am LOVING this weather!!! in fact, may find myself in sunny florida by summers end!!! YAY!!!

12:51 PM  
Blogger L said...

atractiva: I hope it lasts-- I'm not too anxious for another hellishly hot summer :o

11:03 PM  

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