Monday, November 01, 2004

Fantasy Fest -- Thursday

On Thursday afternoon we went to the Butterfly conservatory, which was absolutely amazing; we walked through a huge glass room with waterfalls, thousands of butterflies in every color, and gorgeous rainbow-colored finches. NONE of my photos turned out from this expedition, which is very frustrating...

Later went to the chicken store, which rescues abandoned Key West chickens, adopts them out, and pays for their upkeep by selling amusing chicken-oriented T-shirts and things. They had adorable baby chicks, as well as eggs for sale to anyone who wanted to incubate one. They had a hilarious photo of a miniature Viking funeral that they gave for an egg that just wouldn't hatch... I have to say that I've never seen so many weird animals in my life -- beakless, naked, you name it. They were ALL defective, but oddly charming.

The Pretenders in Paradise costume contest was that night ($10,000 in prizes), and it was even better than last year! This contest has both professional and amateur divisions, both of which are incredible. We saw a man who attached a gigantic 20 foot high witch-doctor puppet to himself & he made it dance around and bow to the audience... someone else made a HUGE glow-in-the dark spider costume that filled the entire stage... also a giant squid that "accidentally" ripped someone's clothes off. ha ha.

The best Key West sighting of the night: an EIGHTY YEAR OLD woman in red fishnets, a tiny red teddy (that she should NOT have been wearing), a CANE, a brown wig, and earrings that spelled "SEXXXY". I was horrified, yet strangely impressed with someone trying that hard to stay out of the nursing home.

That was basically it for Thursday -- it was mostly quiet since everyone was resting for the weekend.

I will post more (with pics) tomorrow.


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