Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fantasy Fest -- Wednesday

After spending the night in Ft. Lauderdale, I FINALLY made it down to Key West in time for the Pet Parade, which was hysterically funny. I've never seen so many costumed pets in my life. The winner was a guy singing "My Funny Valentine" to his pug dog, who was wearing a blond wig and standing on top of a wheeled mannequin wearing a green dress. Funniest damn thing I've ever seen. Also saw a ton of ferrets dressed as angels/devils, adorable puppies, parrots (with feathered owners), cats, rabbits, etc. Definitely a good time.

After getting set up on the yacht (Wind Chaser), we went down to Duval street. I can't believe how early things are starting this year! Usually I don't see any public nudity until Friday, but I saw quite a bit Wednesday night, as well as the usual gaggle of drag queens and swingers. In fact, the swingers seem to be TAKING OVER Fantasy Fest. And I saw several people wearing thongs and pasties (as usual) who definitely should NOT have been.

Today we're checking out house decorations; the contest winner was a giant mock flying saucer that was made to look as if it had crashed into a house. Later we're going to a haunted house, the butterfly conservatory and the Pretenders masquerade thing...

still have to buy fishnets and a black feather boa to go with my costume...

Finally got to meet my aunt's new dog: a bratty little chihuahua named Olivia (she's been wandering around with us all day and sticking her nose into everything). I might have to steal her :)


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