Sunday, October 17, 2004

Chariot and Smackdown Wrestling

Went to the anniversary art show at Covivant gallery tonight...

A VERY odd little art performance/rock band called Chariot was playing; think of Kiss (only more interesting). They dress as dirty, demented Ronald McDonalds, Big Boys, stuffed animals and crazy ballerinas -- sometimes changing outfits onstage. The music isn't bad either :)

The gallery also had a wild little "Wrestling Smackdown!" with people in bizarre costumes throwing each other to the floor:
------Sister Mary Merciless (a.k.a., the virgin who wreaks havoc) fought Horny Hanz (the guy in a demented stuffed bunny suit)
------Suzy Spazmo versus Menopausal Maude
------and my favorite pairing: Flora Duh Voter versus the Evil Voting Machine
(there were others, but I forget what they were-- it's been a really long night)

Also saw some demented ceramic pieces-- sort of like Tim Burton meets Dr. Demento meets Toys R' Us. It's too bad none of them were for sale, because they were really cute and twisted -- the artist's name was Danielle Shockley I think...

My friend Britzel was there -- with screaming red lipstick and a blonde crewcut! On her it looks sexy and great; anyone else would just look like Sinead O'Connor. Somehow she got stuck selling T-shirts near the door...

As I was leaving I saw a sign that asked "What is the purpose of an art gallery?" I really don't know anymore, now that I've seen artists stage cheesy wrestling matches...

Later went to a cheesy bar with my friend Britta. We wore flirty skirts and terribly exciting stockings, so had a fairly fun time collecting pick-up lines. Next time we'll tell people we're kindergarten teachers-- that would probably get even more results -- you can just see their eyes glaze over when they ask us what we do for a living and we say Research Biologist and Database Administrator.

I always feel like an anthropologist at those places...


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