Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Is My Neighbor a Junkie?

I am debating whether or not to "do something" about my sketchy next-door neighbor who may or may not be a drug addict...

the story:

I live in a house that has been altered to form four discrete apartments. For several months two of them were empty -- until "J" moved in a couple of weeks ago.

She had the sort of harshly faded prettiness that comes from too much smoking, but seemed nice and normal-- although perhaps somewhat poor. So when she asked to borrow my phone, I said Yes of course and Isn't it too bad that they haven't hooked up your phone yet. There was a little idle chit-chat about the weather, and then she left. "J" returned later in the evening and asked to borrow the phone again. What followed was a request for me to give her a "quick ride" somewhere because she ABSOLUTELY had to pick up something very very important; I tend to be a very STUPID Good Samaritan, so I gave her a ride-- which turned out to be a thirty-five minute trek to the other side of the bay. ugh.

I waited outside a small house for her and, on the way back home, was requested to stop by a pharmacy. I gritted my teeth and waited another twenty minutes. As I drove back, she started to speak verrrryyy slowly and told me some really odd stories: she's unemployed and hasn't found a job in a year, she has a child whom she never sees because he lives with her mother, her friend came in her apartment and took her expensive plasma screen television and dvd player, she went to the hospital because she fell off the roof, she didn't finish college because a professor had it in for her, etc.

By this time I couldn't wait to get rid of her, and had resorted to subtly telling her how POOR I am, and how I don't own any electronics, only books, and how my mother was worried about my living in this neighborhood, but I wasn't worried because I have NOTHING TO STEAL, blah blah blah, etc.

The next morning I discovered she had left a pharmacy bag & receipt for a variant of methadone (an opiate) ; the prescription was not in her or her boyfriend's name, and the address was for the house to which I had taken her...

Not sure if I should report this to the pharmacy and let them handle it, or if I should leave it alone....


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