Saturday, April 07, 2007

random activity

After noshing on very very very yummy foodish things at the India Grill downtown, a group of us meandered to the Independent and then on to the Globe. We met up with Brian and listened to Geri X, who was absolutely amazing live and had the crowd swooning. You can buy some of her music through Mekka Records. Unfortunately, she is moving from the area, but will luckily return for Tropical Heat Wave in May and On This Earth in July. Her voice reminds me slightly of Harriet Wheeler's for some reason.

An absolutely lovely evening was had by all, and Ally (of course) received a random marriage proposal. At least this was a change from all the remarks like "Hey, Legs!" and "Hey, I'm lost can you give me directions, Gorgeous?" that she kept getting the last time I took her downtown. We seriously could not walk more than five yards without commentary.

There is something I would like to add, but I'm not allowed to yet as it involves celebrities and gobs of cash. AAAAARGH!

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