Sunday, October 15, 2006

The poets have been curiously silent on the subjects of zombies and clowns...

Well, it's been another weekend of irresponsible loitering with various and shady acquaintances. Where on earth do I manage to find these people?

Friday: after drinking beer with engineers, some of us formed a rather sordid group with vaguely nerdy characteristics and managed to ooze on over the the Independent, which is famous for the intellectual conversations that take place on its premises. Discussions ranged from coprophilia, zombies, clowns and piercings to the weirdness of Japanese and German cultures, a highly improper usage of batteries, domesticated skunks, the upcoming Fantasy Fest and this fashionable new drinking game I've developed (it's named after Craig, and you're supposed to take a drink after he says "shit", which is rather a lot). Later, we pretended to have Tourette's, which, of course, is very very very very very very very very very very bad -- but also funny at 1 a.m.

Saturday: a few of us hiked over and picnicked in Vinoy Park by the water while the Florida Orchestra played under a large blue and white striped tent. Everything was absolutely lovely. They had excellent music (Mozart!), fat babies crawling around in the grass, gorgeous fireworks, and delicious salt air. I brought an ENORMOUS picnic basket filled with rosemary roast chicken, fresh berry tarts with pistachios, prosciutto, manchego, strawberries, pesto pasta with kale, deviled eggs, dark chocolate with blueberries, spring greens with olives, fruity white wine and fruity red wine. At intermission we put candles on cupcakes and sang happy birthday to Fran, who is very interesting and owns an antique something-or-other, which is sort of like an orrery (but not quite) and illustrates his disturbing tendency towards heliocentrism.

Afterwards we went to Sandra and Rene's Oktoberfest party, where everyone wore either lederhosen or Bavarian beer girl outfits. They are getting married to-day, which makes them ever more adorable. In fact, they are so adorable that everyone wants to collect them, which is a bit like collecting Hummel figurines, only much more charming.

today: I am waiting for my hairdresser to show up so we can toddle on over to a friend's house for homebrew at a "Pee Wee's Playhouse" soirée. After that, it's off to Sandra and Rene's post wedding party. Unfortunately, there will be no lederhosen tonight.

random dialogue from the week:

"so, what sort of disasters have you had while giving tours?"
"well, we once had an elevator catch on fire..."
"I lost half an Indian tribe once!"

"I see people are already passing out-- look at her."
"Does anyone have a sharpie? She would look really quite fetching with whiskers..."
"Hey! I was just resting! And anyway, I always look fetching"
"You're so fetching, the only thing you're missing is a bone in your mouth."

"I hope this isn't too forward, but you do have very nice breasts"
"Yeah, her breasts get invited to more parties than she does!"

"What's the theme for Key West this year?"
"Oh, something about 'decadence' or 'oddities' or 'disorientation'. Or something. Anyway, the Pretenders in Paradise are having a brokeback mountain theme, I think."
"How on earth would you design a headress for that?"

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Blogger Mushy said...

We could have been drunk in the first hour playing your shot game to my old friends habit of ending every thought with GD (I know how to say it, just rather not).

Once after dotting the conversation more than enough for his wife, she said, "Steve! Stop saying that."

"Oh, GD, I'm sorry!" he said.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Krishen said...

Ha ha ha... intellectual indeed! One of these days I'm going to have to make it back up to St Pete. Obviously there is much to be learned!

PS: Loving the collages, btw...

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Craig said...

Oh, what can i say? Its the foundation for the lexicon of my drunken oratories. Likened to a linguistic fertilizer to cultivate a good conversation.

You know you love that shi... er, stuff. ;)

8:21 PM  
Blogger Professor Pyramid said...


I actually *have* Tourette's. But there are quite a lot of advantages to it, so I can only be mildly annoyed when someone presupposes to be able to imitate it based on a few sentences' worth of knowledge from Hollywood, rather than deeply offended.

But I still don't miss St. Pete, even if I missed your engineering party that I never would've been invited to even if I were still there.

2:14 PM  
Blogger L said...

Mushy: ha ha ha! I love that. what a cute little story

Krishen: yes, we are indeed intellectual here. glad you like the collages :)

Craig: heh heh... never thought of it that way

Professor: please note that I did say that 1. we were drinking and being stupid and 2. that it was very very very very very bad. That being said, I do apologize. However, I will also note that you've said some pretty awful things about women, if I recall, so perhaps we're even. As far as not being invited? 'twasn't *my* engineering party, just random friends going out for beer that night. Also, you and I had only met about four times, I believe, so we didn't really know each other all that well. That being said, I hope you are enjoying the new digs

7:52 PM  
Blogger NPR Junky said...

How is it that all of your conversations sound so much more funny than the one's I have with my people?

I'm envious.

3:41 PM  

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