Monday, October 30, 2006

And yet more Key West Fantasy Fest photos

Warning: not work-safe -- some photos may be considered offensive and/or contain partial nudity

(click to enlarge)

This woman had a really cool headdress

My friend Bill and I at the parade

Britta (dressed as a Russian mail-order bride) and friends from volleyball. More than once we ran into Russians and/or Latvians who tried to speak to her without English, which was pretty funny.

a drag queen with a really great wig

Britta with body painted skeletons

Butterfly body paint

The theme was "Key Weird on the Dis-Oriented Express", so they had several Chinese dragons. Another thing I always enjoy is the large number of live bands they have on the floats.

We are formally introduced to Mr. T, who pities the fool!

Yet another really wild (handmade) costume

Wonder Woman seemed to be a really popular paint choice

Every year I see at least one outfit made from bottle caps

One of the most glittery and shiny drag queens we saw

Skeletons were popular costume choices

another skeleton costume

random crowd shot

This guy won first prize at the Headdress Ball (the top of it was an actual rotating carousel)

Invasion of the Plutonians

purple drag queen

Yet another body painter

more body painting...

I have no idea how this photo got in here...

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Anonymous tim said...

I'm loving the pics. One of these days, I'll have friends who could appreciate going down there -- as is, I'm the only person here I know who would dig it. You look fabulous, btw, as usual.

I particularly like the blonde at the bottom of this post though. Umm

2:13 AM  
Anonymous happy and blue 2 said...

You and Brita look hot. The rest..not so much..
Wonder Woman aged terribly. And what's with the beads she has. She's already showing her boobs. Why would guys give her beads..
And, do they hold this party in a nursing home..

8:56 AM  
Anonymous happy and blue 2 said...

Sorry, I typed Britta with only one "t" in my previous comment.
umm..she looked hot no matter how you spell it..

9:01 AM  
Blogger L said...

Tim: it was really a lot of fun -- and thanks!

Happy and Blue: ha ha ha! there were actually quite a few good looking people down there -- I just concentrated on snapping pics of the most interesting looking people

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Dedlin said...

Happy and Blue, you do show your ignorance of the concept and spirit of Fantasy Fest--it is so obvious you have never been.
As for Wonder Woman she looks fine, and like so many others out there who quite obviously can't stay 21 forever, she is tossing her inhibitions and getting into the swing of the occasion. This isn't Mardi-Gras with all its tacky tit-flashing activity, you know, and thank goodness it isn't! It would seem that your kind of action would be something like Spring Break, leaving events like Fantasy Fest for mature adults.

2:33 PM  
Blogger L said...

Dedlin: I see you've been before too :)
I have to say that my favorite FF person ever (from two years ago) was an elderly lady (had to have been at least 80) walking with a cane. She also wore a transparent teddy, red fishnets, bright red lipstick and earrings that said SEXXXY. I was very impressed with her.

5:42 PM  

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