Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fantasy Fest 2006

Warning: generally inappropriate photos and not work-safe

(click to enlarge)

Most of these seem to be body painters and drag queens, but I should hopefully have more of a variety in a day or so...

random group of drag queens

body paint couple with a comic book theme

me with a very tall person who was even more glittery than I

camo body painter

patriotic body paint group

double martinis

out of all the mohawks I saw, this was one was my favorite

aquatic body painter

enormous cake-man

body painted couple (sheriff and peacock)

random couple (more conservative than many, I will add)

one of many colorful headdresses

"Deal or No Deal" drag queens

purple body painter

zebra and lizard

another aquatic body painter

flower child

half cyborg, half brick wall (?)

one of many drag queens seen wandering outside Club Aqua

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Anonymous happy and blue 2 said...

I've always wondered where old porn stars go to party. Now I know..
Not that I think you are an old porn star or anything..
Well, you could be a young porn star if you wanted..
ummm..this is awkward..

11:42 AM  
Blogger L said...

Happy and Blue: ha ha ha!

8:02 PM  

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