Friday, January 21, 2005

Thoughts on Laundry and Art

Today I bought new underwear just so I could go another day or two without having to go to the laundromat. I am now a total bachelor. More posting on that later...

Washing laundry is my Least Favorite Chore. Every time I go, some annoyingly spoiled child is throwing a temper tantrum over why he/she cannot have candy from the machines by the door. Of course I then feel compelled to deliberately and heartlessly buy at least a dollar's worth of candy so I can eat it (very slowly) in front of said child. Whining will not be tolerated!

But I will have to eventually break down and buy my own washer/dryer; my sugar intake is FAR too high these days.


I also accidentally promised three different people that I would go with them to the new Monet exhibit three different times on three different dates. I'm actually not all that fond of Monet, and I am quite sure that I will be less fond of him by next week.

He is very pretty and goes very well with whatever sofa you happen to buy, but I always think of Monet as the visual equivalent to Barry Manilow: smooth, soothing and extraordinarily popular-- but overexposure could make you doze off while driving home from work, which could cause an annoying accident; then your insurance rates go up, there's the inevitable lawsuit, the resulting stress... and before you know it, your marriage is over, you've declared bankruptcy and you're living on the street in a cardboard box. It's not a pretty picture.

Some very cool artists I WISH were in an exhibit here:
1. Gustav Klimt
2. Paul Gauguin
3. Joan Miro
4. Mary Cassatt
5. Marc Chagall

Tonight was the Monet outing with Debbie, Bill and Holly; our flaming friend Carlos would have gone too, but he said that he had plans with his "other Fag Hag". So we made do without him. Later went out for tapas, where I had port with chorizos and figs while listening to a mellow jazz band that didn't actually sound completely Awful. Also oohed and aahed over Bill's very interesting antique swords with ivory handles and scabbards-- neato!

Then we all lived happily ever after.


Blogger Frally said...

I'm a Frieda Kahlo fan myself, she of the many paintings that go "look at me and my amazing singular eyebrow".

Also, HR Giger is another favourite. You can play "spot the penis and/or vagina" in his paintings. A fun game for the whole family.

3:35 AM  
Blogger L said...

I really enjoy those artists as well. Just didn't want to spend all night listing the artists I prefer over Monet ;)

10:22 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

How did you manage to combine the topics of clean underwear and fine art in one post? I will comment on both.

I saw a Miro exhibit quite a few years ago. When I lived in Europe I went to a lot more exhibitions than I did/do here - there it's so much for the common person and here it's a more snobby kind of thing; where I come from you don't even find out about a good art exhibit unless you read all the "right" magazines as they don't advertise on the radio or in the newspaper. I'd have to say that Roy Lichtenstein, Edvard Munch and Georgia O'Keeffe are probably my favorites though - you can't get me to budge from in front of one of their works until I'm good and ready.

As to the first part of your post ... I learned the hard way when I was a student in Germany to always do laundry before you run out. I went to the hospital on a Friday afternoon at my doctor's recommendation to get looked at before the weekend, and they wanted to remove my appendix before everyone went home. I wasn't prepared to stay for the ten days that they kept me there. And I had no clean underwear. I had to have a friend's mother actually buy me underwear. That was kind of embarrassing.

2:30 PM  
Blogger tickgirl said...

I can vouch for L's ability to accumulate underwear. A few months ago she dragged me to the weirdest shopping experience of my life. It entailed women pawing through racks and racks of new clothing that had been deemed unadoptable by their original stores and were on sale for "prices so low we can't advertise them". It did not, however, entail dressing rooms, so women were trying on clothes right there in the wearhouse-size room, with men and boys gleefully pretending not to look. When L found the underwear pile... well, I'm just glad she knew her size and didn't try everything on, because we'd probably still be there.

5:22 PM  
Blogger the frog princess said...

I hate laundry as well. Fortunately, I have enough clothes (and enough Febreeze) that I can stretch my wardrobe further than Christen so he does the laundry for both of us when he needs clothes.
His mother loves Monet, and I can't stand all those waterlilies. I dislike Frida too, her obsession with her more talented (by my account, anyhow) husband freaks me out. There is a South American painting I love, though, that portrays a woman asleep on a daybed and there's a castle and town springing up in the folds of her butt. One of these days I'll remember who painted it.

5:33 PM  
Blogger the frog princess said...

also, where is that monet exhibit? his mother would really like to know. and i bet i can get out of going with her ...

5:34 PM  
Blogger Nyx said...

Firstly, housework sucks. I say this openly and honestly and without the least bit of guilt toward by unofficial job - housewife. Everything gets done at the last moment, I have had to buy new underwear when I just can't be bothered, but luckily for me everyone else now runs out before I do - I'm still the muggins that has to do it all though. Housework definitely sucks.

But I digress, ever seen those laundromat ads where people get their kit off and chill? If you have to do laundry why not make it as fun as possible for you and uncomfortable as possible for everyone else?

And by the way, as least Monet came to your city, the last great master that was in my fair city was Delacroix and while I love his work, it was 7 years ago and my withdrawal symptoms are getting dangerously low...

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice choices on the artists, Kayten :) I am a sucker for Georgia O'Keefe as well, although I could never really go crazy over Lichenstein. I will also admit that I do not actually dislike paintings that show dogs playing poker...

tickgirl!!! ha ha ha!

Frog Princess: does that Febreeze stuff really work? Oh, and the Monet exhibit is at the St. Petersburg museum of fine art (across from the Vinoy)

LLCoffee: naked laundry sounds awfully convenient-- that way I could wash absolutely everything! However, based on the typical Laundromat crowd, I don't think I want to see ANY of them in their birthday suits!

12:58 AM  
Blogger L said...

oh, and I am Anonymous today

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frog Princess: I tried googling for Castle Butt South America Painting and Town Buttocks South America painting -- but found no relevant results, alas

1:13 AM  

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