Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Fantasy Fest -- Saturday

Saturday was the highlight of Fantasy Fest, which culminated in a parade down Duval street. Almost every float showcased some body painting, and people were dancing in the streets and throwing beads... we ended up at club Aqua again, which was packed with costumed people and VERY tall drag queens. Took my picture with one or two especially interesting ones.

interesting sightings of the evening:
a couple of right-wing christians carrying crosses and yelling slurs at passersby

a woman in a teddy pushing a fluffy cat in a baby carriage (and it seemed perfectly happy)

the "mayor" of Key West, who was dressed in a tuxedo from the front and garters in the back

several elderly people with fishnets and canes/walkers

two Frankenfurters on motorscooters

about eight million people wearing things they probably shouldn't have

Also saw a couple of guys in feathered hats and very, very tall stilts. One got stuck on a barricade, and my friend Britta tried helping him out, to no avail. She asked all the guys standing around if they had a pocket knife to help free him. Nope. So she finally calls out "Hey! Any lesbians in the crowd? You guys ALWAYS have pocketknives." Sure enough, some chick came up with a knife and she cut him loose ... later they danced with us to some really groovy tunes

then we crashed on the boat


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