Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

More Photos from Key West Fantasy Fest 2006

Warning: NOT work-friendly -- some photos may be considered offensive and/or contain partial nudity

(as usual, click to enlarge)

My friend Britta, Kim Jong-Il and I take in the sights

Wonder Woman and Robin body paint

Lars, Britta (those are real alligator teeth she's wearing), Aunt Laura, me and my friend Bill

Pirate body painter

the pink poodle brigade

yet another body painter

Another cool headdress

One of the best costumes all week (he was wearing enormous stilts)

random crowd shot

Britta and peacock woman

Here I am with a blushing bride and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (who was later seen limping in 5 inch red glittery heels well after midnight)

Her body painting looked exactly like lace

There was a bit of a breeze

Lars and Bill at Fast Buck Freddie's

I thought this was a very interesting bird costume

more comic book body paint

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And yet more Key West Fantasy Fest photos

Warning: not work-safe -- some photos may be considered offensive and/or contain partial nudity

(click to enlarge)

This woman had a really cool headdress

My friend Bill and I at the parade

Britta (dressed as a Russian mail-order bride) and friends from volleyball. More than once we ran into Russians and/or Latvians who tried to speak to her without English, which was pretty funny.

a drag queen with a really great wig

Britta with body painted skeletons

Butterfly body paint

The theme was "Key Weird on the Dis-Oriented Express", so they had several Chinese dragons. Another thing I always enjoy is the large number of live bands they have on the floats.

We are formally introduced to Mr. T, who pities the fool!

Yet another really wild (handmade) costume

Wonder Woman seemed to be a really popular paint choice

Every year I see at least one outfit made from bottle caps

One of the most glittery and shiny drag queens we saw

Skeletons were popular costume choices

another skeleton costume

random crowd shot

This guy won first prize at the Headdress Ball (the top of it was an actual rotating carousel)

Invasion of the Plutonians

purple drag queen

Yet another body painter

more body painting...

I have no idea how this photo got in here...

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Do you realize how difficult it is to preserve the peace when you have transvestite guinea pig owners and redneck rabbit breeders in the same room?"

Fantasy Fest is finally over, and we left many memories, feathers and glitter behind us.

(Photo of me encountering just one of the many magical fairies who inhabit Key West)

It was a small group: me, my friend Britta, her boyfriend Lars, my gay escort Bill, my Aunt Laura and Javier, who is Bill's recently-sprouted avocado plant. Javier, of course, was far too young to be left behind at home, where he would probably get into the liquor cabinet, throw very wild parties, and rack up hundreds of dollars in charges by constantly calling inappropriate phone lines in the middle of the night.

We danced through the night, watched many interesting people, stared at insane costumes (and insane lack-of-costumes), ate vicious numbers of stone crabs, devoured chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick, played with a chihuahua, wandered Duval street, watched cartoons, ogled knick knacks at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum, and generally slept in whenever possible.

random quotes from the week:

"Calm down. SUVs are made to jump curbs! They're like little Lipizzaner stallions!"

"Well, there go my chances for a political career..."

"Now what am I going to do with my horniness, my Guatemalan-ness?"

"Oh, he is so hot... look! Now he's wearing a stethoscope! That's so hot."
"Yeah, it's like 'Genital Hospital' in here"

"Do you realize how difficult it is to preserve the peace when you have transvestite guinea pig owners and redneck rabbit breeders in the same room? It ain't pretty."

"Is that guacamole? Mmmm...."
"Yes. Please don't tell Javier."

"What is it with animals and humping anyway?"
"Oh, I don't know.... it seems like a good idea to me...."


Unfortunately, I took a disposable camera, so most of my photos did not turn out very well (if at all). I have posted a few below, but will be posting better ones from Bill's and Britta's digital cameras in a day or so.


Fantasy Fest 2006

Warning: generally inappropriate photos and not work-safe

(click to enlarge)

Most of these seem to be body painters and drag queens, but I should hopefully have more of a variety in a day or so...

random group of drag queens

body paint couple with a comic book theme

me with a very tall person who was even more glittery than I

camo body painter

patriotic body paint group

double martinis

out of all the mohawks I saw, this was one was my favorite

aquatic body painter

enormous cake-man

body painted couple (sheriff and peacock)

random couple (more conservative than many, I will add)

one of many colorful headdresses

"Deal or No Deal" drag queens

purple body painter

zebra and lizard

another aquatic body painter

flower child

half cyborg, half brick wall (?)

one of many drag queens seen wandering outside Club Aqua

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