Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Off Like a Prom Dress!

Well, this has been a frantic week, as I've been preparing for my terribly glamorous trip to New York and trying very, very, very hard not to misbehave too badly.

However, I may have loitered irresponsibly a bit and possibly eaten things that were not quite good for me. So that's why I haven't blogged.

I just walked out of the most delicious hair salon called the Bee-hive in St. Petersburg, and they've just given me a wonderfully sassy new flapper bob for my trip (all I can find to pack are 1920s outfits). It's so cute I have to keep pinching my cheeks! I highly recommend the Bee-hive, as they're full of wonderfully chatty and catty young men with clever hair. I expect to be bald in a couple of months, as I obviously have to get my hair cut every week now, just for the conversation.

Suitcase packing has not been done, however. Procrastination is quite fashionable these days.

I'm still trying to decide what sort of token thingy I should buy for myself when get there-- perhaps a loud hat. However, a charming friend requested that I bring the following souvenir home for him if the opportunity arises:
"A 6'5" Adonis with dark hair, blue eyes, sparkling teeth, 2 Phds and a good amount of meat on his bones. Oh, and he has to be mute."

I shall do my best and, of course, take plenty of pictures...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Adventures In Exercise

Having again achieved the zen-like state of being both skinny and flabby at the same time, I have decided to take a few personal training sessions at my new gym.

My personal trainer was a terribly nice young man. However, his arms are so huge that he appears unable to actually lower them. In fact, most of the men at my gym seem to suffer from this disorder; they all aimlessly roam the weight section, their arms sticking out from their sides. If we can relocate that sort of thing to my chest, then I will have considered my new fitness regimen to have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The trainer began by giving me a series of tests to judge whether or not, in fact, I could afford him. Then he gave me a flexibility test, which I aced, and a balance test, which I flunked (as family will recall, I flunked hopping on one foot in kindergarten). He never actually managed to find my heart rate, so I had to assure him that I'm not actually dead -- and he finally gave up and scribbled something incomprehensible on his notepad.

He ran through the usual questions:
A.) Do you realize that a set of 6 personal training sessions is now more affordable than ever before?
B.) What are your personal fitness goals?
C.) Am you interested in the super-deluxe personal training package with sauna and massage?
D.) What are your nutritional habits?
E.) Are you aware that all sorts of personal training sessions are available?
F.) Do you want to fail miserably at fitness by not getting personal training sessions?
G.) How many personal training sessions would you like?

I told him my fitness goals were to look like Angelina Jolie with a really nice rack. But if he couldn't manage that, I said, then I would settle for being in good physical shape with more balanced muscle tone. I showed him my biceps (which are very nice), then showed him my triceps (which are terrible). But then he wouldn't stop giggling after I jiggled them for emphasis.

He ran through a series of arm, leg and ab exercises with me, which was rather tiring. Of course I never actually sweated. I just glowed. Ladies never sweat.

The gym itself is full of delicious eye-candy, but I came close to quitting anyway due to their horrible magazine selection: no trashy Cosmo, no trashier Weekly World News, no National Enquirer, no Star or any other gossip-rag. How on earth am I supposed to exercise, I ask you? Now I shall actually have to go out and buy the damn things.

But for now, I am attempting a regular workout schedule.... as long as I don't become a hulking, massive, orange-y chunk of manlike flesh like everyone else there.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Filthy, Dirty Victorian Lit

I've been reading Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman, which was a very popular Victorian novel about two upper class gentlemen-thieves nicknamed "Raffles" and "Bunny"

A few random quotes:

"I was never in your rooms before to-night. But I fagged for you at school, and you said you remembered me."

"But is that wise when he's the man we've got to diddle?"

"Because he had been kind to me at school, when he was captain of the eleven, and I his fag, I had dared to look for kindness from him now."

"And for many seconds we stood staring in each other's eyes."

"All right Bunny, there's no hanky-panky this time."

(The entire book is full of stuff like this. I mean, just look at the title)
It's terribly amusing because it is loaded with phrases that seem very non-Victorian... much more fun than looking for dirty jokes in Shakespeare, because apparently here it is completely inadvertent.

I suppose one must read this back-to-back with Truman Capote or something.

Signing off

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blogging Better, Farter, Smaster!

As our customers know, Random_Speak is dedicated to providing a top quality product in the blogging community. We're focused intensely on blogging even better, farter, and smaster than ever before! If we're forced to read websites in Japanese, we read Japanese. If we're asked for delicious recipes, we provide delicious recipes. If we have an itch, we scratch it.

To-day we will discuss our date the other evening, because, really, we have nothing better to do.

Outfit: casual jeans and a completely adorable top to show off a teensy bit of something that is almost, but not quite, cleavage (after all, you can't be too careful these days, can you?)

Demeanor: Charming

The Plan: coffee at Starbucks, random discussion and perhaps a little light ogling. Of course, one can always bring the dating questionnaire or ask other important questions such as:
1. Are you currently on any anti-psychotic medication?
2. Do you take a firm stand for or against leftover pizza for breakfast?
3. Do you typically squeeze toothpaste from the bottom, the middle, or the top?
4. Henry Miller or Tom Clancy?
5. Do you play Scrabble?

The Actual Activities: pancakes and turkey and coffee at a late-night restaurant. Pool and foozball at a seedy bar (I let him beat me horribly at both, because that's how well-mannered I am).

The Outcome: possibly a movie at Tampa Theatre this weekend, unless he figures out just how nerdy I really am before then.


Random Restaurant recommendation:
Cafe Alma
I had the loveliest filet with roquefort and a richly reduced sauce, sweetly crisp baby carrots, deliciously potato-y mashed potatoes and a very mellow red wine that was black in my glass. Dessert was pear creme brulee with fresh blueberries and strawberries surrounded by artistic goo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More Vargas Playing Cards

What the #@%!!?

Having major problems with blogging right now. Everything I see on blogger is in Japanese, but I can see that my blog is still set to English by translating my settings on Worldlingo. What the #@%!!? My blog is going nuts.

*Update: now fixed! I hadn't scanned for spyware in a couple of days....

Sunday, September 18, 2005

As Requested.....

There have been several requests for my orange bundt cake recipe ....

This is not a Food Blog. I repeat: this is not a Food Blog.

However, I shall cave in to peer pressure.

Orange Zest Bundt Cake

2 and 3/4 cups sugar
1 and 1/2 cups butter
2 teaspoons vanilla
6 eggs
1 cup sour cream
3 cups flour
the grated orange peel from 6 oranges
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

powdered sugar
fresh berries
fresh whipped cream


1. Preheat oven to 350 F
2. Grease and lightly flour a heavy cake pan (preferably a heavy, decorative molded bundt cake pan)
3. In large bowl, beat sugar and butter until lightly fluffy
4. Beat in vanilla, then the eggs one at a time
5. In a medium bowl, mix flour, orange peel, baking powder and salt
6. Alternate adding the dry ingredients and the sour cream to the ingredients in the larger bowl
7. Mix very well and pour into cake pan
8. Bake at 350 F for approximately 65 minutes (make certain that an inserted toothpick in the center of cake comes out cleanly)
9. cool for a bit
10. dust with powdered sugar, if desired
11. serve with fresh whipped cream (NOT that canned stuff) and oodles of fresh berries
12. Eat
13. Go to the gym.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Glamorous-Girl-Around-Town Reporting:

This Glamorous-Girl-Around-Town is certainly exhausted after trotting all around town this week. It's terribly difficult work being charming and vivacious, but someone certainly has to do it.

On Thursday the Frog Princess, her boyfriend and I went out for yummy tidbits downtown before oozing on over to the Bank for their weekly SMAsh lineup of local bands. Met my adorable friend Maelyn there, as her boyfriend's band, the Unrequited Loves, was playing. An oddly lyricless band called Auto!Automatic!! also played, but attendance was terribly light.... perhaps the Bank will build up more of a crowd as time goes on.

Future lineups include Rebekah Pulley, Four Star Riot, The Diviners, Car Bomb Driver, and The Nuevos.

Last night I popped on over to my friend Cat's thesis show at Experimental Skeleton's Flight 19 Gallery in downtown Tampa: My Bright and Shiny Apocalypse. I quite enjoyed the show, which could have also been titled Barbie's Cuban Missile Crisis Dreamhouse. It was very nostalgic and cute and paranoid at the same time. Saw many artsy-fartsy friends. Ate many, many cheese bits. Flirted with a terribly attractive and bookish young man. Drank a teensy bit of wine and discussed odd movies with Ann and Kym while playing with odd toys left mysteriously on the snack table.


At the end of the month, a group of us will be going to New York City for some art openings for Brandt and Kathie. There should be hordes of drunken artists, as well as people I haven't seen in a while because they've moved away and are now dating Republican lesbian golfers, of all things.

The question for today is: Should I hire my own entourage? It really seems to be a necessity when travelling to places like Los Angeles or New York. I plan on bringing a bunch of tiny little flapper outfits, exciting stockings and charming little hats. And perhaps a very large pair of dark sunglasses to shield myself from the papparazzi.

I wouldn't be surprised if I take the city by storm, cutting a swath through crowds of admiring celebrities, as well as inspiring hyperactive tabloid headlines:

L Named Best Fashion Winnner of 2005!!

Can L Be Any More Glamorous?!!

L In Secret Love Tryst with Jake Gyllenhaal!!!

L: the Early Years!

What is the Secret to L's Beauty?!

Of course, as nearly everyone can tell you, the secret to my beauty is Charm-Glo.

Charm-Glo Bust Cream.

Because, really, "the girls" need all the help they can get.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Kaka efter Kaka efter Kaka!

Did a little baking tonight. Tried to whip together a little egg cake.

Forgot the sugar.

It's nothing but kaka here, folks.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh No!

The Doodle-Do Parade has been cancelled!

Out and About

L had a little lamb.

It was quite tasty too.

In fact, I had a little lamb at the Athenian Garden with John, Sherry, Bill, John and Ivy. Sherry, who's a vegetarian, said I should have ordered the baby lamb on a bed of veal surrounded by orphaned ducklings. I said she should be glad we were eating Greek, as I had tried for reservations at Fred Fleming's Barbeque, Sonny's Pit Barbeque, and Marge's Meat-O-Rama-- all to no avail.

Drank a bit of sangria. Discussed homebrewing, ham radio, gay nightclubbing, art, the Hub, the trouble with dating, karaoke, film festivals, architecture, people we don't see anymore and CB radio. Amused ourselves for a little while by giggling over Sherry's old CB handle in the 1970s: "Hubba Hubba"

Later popped on over to the Red Cross Benefit art show at the Vitale Gallery, which also had a band and a bachelor/bachelorette auction (Valerie looked quite sassy with red hair, a red dress and screaming red lipstick). As usual it was quite hot and featured many charming tattoos. Finally met *rachel of Midnight Culminations, who was there with Mark Michaels. Saw a few other artists: Jane and David Williams, Frank Strunk, Bask, etc. Met my new hairdresser and his boyfriend too.

Oh this is a boring post.

Joined MySpace this weekend. Promptly erased all my friends accidentally then had to re-add them one by one. At least my spastic flair for errors is consistent. I added a couple of pics there and decided to post them here as well since people keep asking what sort of art I do:

They're really derivative, but there you are.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Zero Tolerance on Looting, Price Gouging!

Earlier this week, President Bush announced that "there ought to be zero tolerance of people breaking the law during an emergency such as this, whether it be looting or price-gouging at the gasoline pump or taking advantage of charitable giving or insurance fraud."

Amen, Brother! Shoot to kill!

I know it's politically incorrect to racially profile, but when it comes to looters and price-gougers why shouldn't we? Everyone knows who the criminals are. Those pasty old men wearing neckties and pinstriped trousers have been coddled by the corporate welfare system for far too long.

"Everyone knows who the absolute worst offenders are," agreed an unnamed government official earlier today. "Halliburton, its subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root with their no-bid contracts, Exxon Mobil, BP, Chevron... the list goes on and on. I'm just finally glad we're implementing a zero-tolerance policy; these criminals have been looting for far too long," he added.

Many figures in law enforcement agree. "We're declaring martial law and shooting the bastards wherever we find 'em," stated an anonymous officer. "Typically, we'll get 'em in banks, at black-tie dinners and political fundraisers. Shot two of 'em today," he added. "Don't know who though; all those old white guys look the same to me."

In addition, there are rumors that Bush may have to shoot several members of his administration as well as some in Congress. "Despite the dire predictions and the costly storm damage during the 2004 season, the government made huge cuts for hurricane and flood-control funding in Louisiana," stated another official. "At the same time, they funded an enormously unnecessary bridge (worth millions) that seems to go nowhere in Alaska. Not only that, but you would not believe the tax breaks they're giving companies these days! If that's not looting, I don't know what is."

Now that our chastened government is finally instituting a zero-tolerance policy, many hope that the problem will be solved, at least for this year.

In other news, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which has spent more than a century mismanaging and "diverting" funds, is on the "Most Wanted" list for looters. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman ("Needless Markup") Marcus are currently being investigated for price-gouging. No word yet on whether or not they will be shot.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sorry, This Isn't A Real Post. Ha Ha!

I'm feeling terribly lazy after a few beers with fellow geeks, so tonight I'm just posting a couple of links to my friend Phil's latest photography. He's been almost everywhere from the Amazon River Basin to the Galapagos Islands and glaciers in Alaska.

I've posted a link to his regular site before, but he's since updated with additional photographs. If you really want to see what a booby looks like, you should check it out. He also has a new site called Livingroom Wildlife Photography, where he's posted photos of various things roaming around aimlessly in his yard.

The site design is quite basic (Phil, you must change it immediately!), but some of his photography is amazing, especially on his regular site...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Odd Art: I Don't Want To Know What He's Doing With the Monkey

Yes, it's time for another post on very odd art.

This incredibly powerful gilt ceramic masterpiece depicts Michael Jackson and his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles. The artist (Jeff Koons) originally considered adding LaToya and the Elephant Man as well, but he unfortunately ran out of gold paint.

Note the incredible realism of Michael and Bubbles as they share a glistening fantasy world that only they can see. Admire the charming smiles and creamy complexions that seem to symbolize a virginal and idealized childhood. Notice the perky little nose on Michael, a delicate form that only a master sculptor or plastic surgeon could ever hope to emulate.

This iconic piece can truly be said to represent the absolute pinnacle of postmodern pop culture music, the exotic fashions, the great big whopping gobs of cash, the incredible taste, the surgery, and the amazing overuse of makeup and hair products. Truly, no other sculpture has ever captured the essence of whatever this is capturing. It's something.

I am humbled.

And also blinded.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Don't Forget National Read A Book Day!

I certainly hope that no-one has forgotten to celebrate National Read a Book Day today.

I briefly considered staging a parade, but then realized that I would look a bit silly wandering up and down the street wearing bells and feathers and things. And if I can't afford my very own petting zoo, then how could I ever afford a calypso-cajun marching band with spangled tights and streamers?

So I'm forced to celebrate in a sedate and ladylike manner by reading a bit of Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo papers.

I thought I'd share a charming excerpt:

00000"'Why, in England it's quite normal. People don't take offense. They understand that I'm just putting them on a bit.'
00000'Fuck England,' I said. 'This is Middle America. These people regard what you're doing to them as a brutal, bilious insult. Look what happened last night. I thought my brother was going to tear your head off.'
00000Steadman shook his head sadly. 'But I liked him. He struck me as a very decent, straightforward sort.'
00000'Look Ralph,' I said. 'Let's not kid ourselves. That was a very horrible drawing you gave him. It was the face of a monster. It got on his nerves very badly.' I shrugged. 'Why in hell do you think we left the restaurant so fast?'
00000'I thought it was because of the Mace,' he said.
00000'What Mace?'
00000He grinned. ' When you shot it at the headwaiter, don't you remember?'
00000'Hell, that was nothing,' I said. 'I missed him... and we were leaving, anyway.'
00000'But it got all over us,' he said. 'The room was full of that damn gas. Your brother was sneezing and his wife was crying. My eyes hurt for two hours. I couldn't see to draw when we got back to the motel.'
00000'That's right,' I said. 'The stuff got on her leg, didn't it?'
00000'She was angry,' he said.
00000'Yeah... well, okay... Let's just figure we fucked up about equally on that one,' I said. 'But from now on let's try to be careful when we're around people I know. You won't sketch them and I won't Mace them. We'll just try to relax and get drunk.'
00000'Right,' he said. 'We'll go native.'"

Monday, September 05, 2005

Darth Vader Nominated For Supreme Court Vacancy

With an additional vacancy available on the Supreme Court, the President has picked Darth Vader to be the next Supreme Court justice after interviewing other finalists such as Lex Luthor, the Green Goblin and Count Dracula.

In nominating Vader, he has chosen an extremely conservative and reactionary Sith Lord, who is proudly committed to destroying Alderaan, environmental regulations, women's rights and the vile Rebellion. President Bush passed over several other qualified candidates, who were found mysteriously asphyxiated, in favor of a highly telegenic and suave figure who is well-traveled in galactic circles, hugely popular among the far right, and widely considered to be one of the most talented members of the Dark Side of the Force.

Although Vader has actually argued no cases before the Supreme Court, he spoke with something that may have been pleasure when asked about joining the justices on the highest court in the land. "With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy," he said earlier today. "The Rebel forces are no match for the Force."

President Bush has hailed Vader as an impressive figure who would interpret the Constitution and laws in a manner more befitting the Empire. "Vader has devoted his entire professional career to preserving the Dark Side and is widely admired for his intellect, his sound judgment and his personal ability to crush tracheas with his mental powers," Bush stated. "He is a man of extraordinary accomplishment and ability. He has a powerful speaking voice. He has the qualities Americans expect in a judge: power, intimidation, and kick-ass light saber skills."

Liberal advocacy groups immediately attacked Darth Vader for his positions on women's and minority rights, as well as other issues such as the Voting Act and the environment. In reply, Vader stated "I find their lack of faith disturbing." When pressed, he added "I want them alive - no disintegrations." However, this seems unlikely this week as the Death Star is not yet fully operational, and interrogations have been temporarily placed on hold.

"The president has chosen someone with murky credentials, so we need an inquiry," stated Senator Needa. "The Imperial Senate must review Darth Vader's record to determine if he truly has demonstrated a commitment to the core American values of galactic imperialism and bigger, faster land speeders...." However, Needa did not finish his commentary. "Apology accepted," stated Vader, as the Congressman crumpled to the floor and slowly asphyxiated.

As a successor to O'Connor and Rehnquist, Darth Vader is expected to move the court much further to the right, but legal experts do not consider him to be among the most conservatively ideological of the candidates considered for the second empty slot. As his breathing is machine-assisted, he is expected to garner much support from advocacy groups for the disabled, as well as military veterans. In addition, he will provide his own robes for the office.

Vader, who spends most of his spare time hunting the last remaining Jedi, secretly flew back to the Death Star to accept the nomination, which comes at a delicate moment in the Bush presidency; however, it is thought that the nomination of an intimidating and inscrutable Sith Lord will raise the President's standing in the polls. For his acceptance speech, Darth Vader merely said "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen," stated President Bush.

(inspired by a comment left on Bitch, Phd)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Having a Ball

I've been doing my best to get in at least a few irresponsible activities; after all, this is a three day weekend.

While I did get off to rather a bad start (did laundry, worked on a project, washed dishes), I finally came to my senses and joined Debbie, Bill and friends for an evening of beer, raucous conversation and puppy-ogling. Popped on over to Limey's, which is yet another of those faux British pubs, and nibbled on the greasiest fish-and-chips known to man. Admired various charming tattoos. Patted an adorable little Weimaraner with a foot fetish.

Also nibbled a bit of pizza at Cafe Cibo, which serves some decent Italian food. Discussion ranged from the hotness of Colin Firth and aliens impregnating women in Battlestar Galactica to how men have a virgin-whore complex, who was the best James Bond, Benny Hill, and how the Scooby-Doo show went downhill after they added Scrappy. It isn't often that we have such intense coffeehouse-style, philisophical discussions.

After a few beers and martinis, the conversation eventually meandered to recurring dreams of a very odd nature. One person had nightmares about the subway; another had repeated dreams of a giant pink lipstick smothering people on a school bus. At one point during a rather unfortunate lull in restaurant noise, one of the guys stated: "WELL, I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT HAVING TO USE THE BATHROOM, BUT THEN I'M STRAINING AND I HAVE TROUBLE USING IT...".

The entire restaurant shut up.

Crickets buzzed.

Everyone stared.

But after that we had the place pretty much to ourselves.


Signing off now to watch One Armed Swordsman vs. 9 Killers, which is supposed to be quite the campy amputee-kung-fu-assassin classic.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Quotes From The Week

From Repent America:

"We must help and pray for those ravaged by this disaster, but let us not forget that the citizens of New Orleans tolerated and welcomed the wickedness in their city for so long"

From Asymmetrical Information:
(comment section)

"It seems to me that the poor should have had the EASIEST time leaving. They don't need to pay for an extended leave from their home, they could have just packed a few belongings and walked away to start over somewhere else. What did they have to lose? When the wealthy evacuate, they leave behind nice houses, expensive cars, possibly pets that they treat as members of the family, valuable jewelry, family heirlooms, etc. This makes it emotionally difficult for wealthy people to leave. But by definition, the poor do not have this burden: they either rent their homes, or they are in public housing; their cars are practically junk anyway; and they don't have any valuable possessions."

"In the US, the vast majority of people who are poor are poor because they CHOOSE to be poor. I recall a Cato or Heritage paper showing that something like 75% of all people living below the poverty line would be lifted above it if they just worked 40 hours a week on average."

"I just feel sorry for any white people left in that city. I saw video of some white tourists walking aimlessly, dragging their suitcases behind them, looking for help. They said they hadn't seen any police. What a nightmare...white people abandoned in a lawless city full of black people with no police in sight, and no firearms to protect themselves. You can talk all you want about how awful it is to be a racist, but they are the ones who are finding out firsthand the brutal realities of race in this country."

"Speaking purely in economic terms, the situation in New Orleans is actually quite positive, long-term. Yes there is the destruction of the port and that's bad, but consider: 80% of the population evacuated. The remaining 20% stayed, either because they didn't have the means to leave, or because they were just foolish; how much of each is a guess. But in EITHER case, you have to consider that these people were essentially surplus. In other words, the least-functional 20% of the population of New Orleans has been eliminated. That obviously INCREASES the overall functionality of the New Orleans population.I'm not blind to the fact that the people who chose to stay behind are suffering, and that's not good, ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL. But all things aren't equal. Consider: normally, disasters like this have ALWAYS served to help weed out the less competent."

From Right-Thinking From the Left Coast:
(comment section)

"Some of those people look like they can do 4 days with no effect on their physique at all. I’m glad you said that, Flogg. I’ve been wanting to. I know it sounds tacky to say, but it seems like the poorest folks are always the fattest. Especially the women. All those beans and cornbread, I guess."

"I’m sure the last thing these troops ever planned on was going from one war zone right into another, but ultimately order must be restored, and if it means shooting some of the vermin who are using this disaster for their own personal gain, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Fuck ‘em, kill ‘em all."

From Right-Wing News:

(comment section)

"Watching the films of looters I was struck by the fact they ALL seemed to be people of color. So... martial law should be invoked. We should shoot to kill looters. First, all thieves would be detered by this action. Secondly, we would be thining the ranks of Democrat voters. A win win situation."

"So the storm hits and suddenly they realize -- duh -- we have no food, we have no water, and we're in trouble. So then, if instead of looking for help or trying to move to a place where they'll have easier access to help, they kick in a door and start stealing whatever they want. I have very little sympathy for them -- even if they're taking food, water, and baby food. These people didn't prepare and if they turn to crime because of it, they deserve to be treated like exactly what they are: scumbag criminals."

"-- Looting is theft of somebody's else's goods pure and simple. That's not OK even after a hurricane.
-- Usually, a window or door has to be kicked in to get to the food. So property is being damaged beyond what's being stolen.
-- If you look the other way on looting, you will only encourage more people to act that way. If it's OK to loot food during a hurricane, how many people are going to make the LOGICAL LEAP and say, "OK, why can't I just steal 'necessities' because I want it and don't have the money to pay for it?"

""Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour had it exactly right when he said:"I have instructed the highway patrol and the National Guard to treat looters ruthlessly." Spot-on Haley, spot-on!"
That a boy, Haley. Get them niggers. Get em all. Get them sheets out people. The KKK is back. We ain't finished with them blackies. Hail Reagan! He got it right."